Bumps in the night

Letter boxes from door Here in France it is a requirement to       have a letter box before you can have your letter delivered.  We had real problems when we first got here because the people before us had forced open the letter box to get some mail at one point and it took months before we could get the lock replaced, which we eventually did.  Amazon joined us in our pleasure at having a secure letter box again as it meant they didn’t have to resend some items, which users of the doctors on the ground floor of our building had got to before we did.

We have a doctor’s surgery and a ‘Maison Turk’ in the ground floor and then flats above that.  We’re on the second floor of the building.Letter boxes as you come down the stairs As you can see from the pictures there are twelve letter boxes, ten for the flats and one each for the occupants of the ground floor.

Last night at about one when I was preparing to go to bed I heard some noise coming from downstairs.  I thought some people had got drunk and were having difficulty getting a bike through the entrance hall and out to the courtyard at the rear of the building.  I hesitated at going down to see them.  Being not the most competent French speaker made me wary of doing anything.  I then went to the front of the flat and looked out over the street and there was a flic (police) car and a car containing what was obviously two plain-clothes flic.  I definitely did not want to get involved now.  I walked away form the window and was clearing up and things got more noisy and then they quietened down.  I walked past the door to the stairs, noise travels well up the stairwell, and I heard someone speaking out of a police radio, I couldn’t hear the flic downstairs but I could hear the people from the station responding to him/her, it even had some of the crackling you would expect.  So I went to bed and thought no more of it.  In the morning I wAttempted scape routeas woken by JTO who said that the letter boxes had been trashed.

When I went out to the bakery to get the bread I took the photo’s above.  The first one is of the scene encountered on entrance to the building, fortunately for us our letter-box is still on the wall.  Mind you the door to the box and the frame for all six  is broken. The next picture is from the bottom of the stairs and shows how comprehensively they were trashed.  The third picture is of the gate to the courtyard and the cellar.  The fence next to the door usually reaches up at least to the handle.  It would seem someone tried to stand on it to get out perhaps to try and escape on the entry of the flic.

Later in the day I learnt that a junkie had got into our building and was searching for a syringe and is now helping the gendarme, flics, with their enquiries.  The downside is that the people who manage the building have said that it could be next week it is repaired or it could be three weeks.  Typically, I had ordered somethings from Mr Amazon and he’s due round on his bike.  I also have some other deliveries and post due.  Today the postie just left the mail in the boxes which were open to the world, which he is not supposed to do.  As I mentioned there is a doctors on the ground floor and there are people in and out all day from 8:30 to 19:00 so anything delivered could easily walk out the door.  Where I live is part of the station quarter so the clientelle include people coming for methadone and with other needs, so three weeks with an open letter-box is not ideal.  So, we’ll probably have to set up a post restrante service.  Ho hum and the year started so well…..

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