Too early to take a day off…

Only a week into my re-birth, can I really afford to ake a day off from posting? Well, as far as I’m concerned the answer is yes because of the precedence of a family occasion, so if you’ve been waiting breathlessly for the latest posting from the flashing blade, sorry. If you haven’t nothings been missed has it?

Job of……….er half a year…

You have to admire the Queensland Tourism Board. For the outlay of some PR person’s time and people doing media handling they have got coverage worth much more than any budget they may have. There is also the budget of £70,000 pay for someone to work for six months and the opportunity cost of their accommodation, but the coverage I’ve seen on two UK media outlets will have covered that without looking at the coverage elsewhere in the UK or the 17 other countries they are pushing this story in, or taking account the visitors attracted by the pictures of the Great Barrier Reef accompanying the articles. (OK I’ll admit I did think I would not post about this as it might attract more entrants and prevent me from winning, but then a realistic appraisal of my chance of winning, and seeing that it was already the most iewed item on the BBC site and was likely to be covered in a massive way by the TV made me realise how much of a marginal difference me writing about the matter would make.)

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