Foggy bottom

Normally on a Friday night when Le Racing are at home it is don lots of layers and down to La Meinau on the tram but on Friday neither of us felt like going.  This is the first time in almost eighteen months we have missed a home match when both of us were here and able to go.  Lucky for us.  The stadium is built at the edge of former marshes which were drained and are now a suburb.  However, they still have fog come across and it did so on Friday night.  The players came out, the crowd were saying we can’t see anything, the ref was saying he coudn’t see anything.  So they had to wait 45 minutes before the game was cancelled.  I’m so glad I didn’t go there only to have to stand and watch nothing for 45 minutes then go home again.  What I did miss was that the game was re-scheduled for 15:00 yesterday (Saturday).  In France football takes place at 20:00 on Saturday or, in extreme, at 20:30.  It has just about been accepted that, as a result of the relegation of Strasbourg, football is now on a Friday evening at the same time.  Some times the television covers a match in the second division and the day is changed to Monday which results in a demonstration at the match from the ultra supporters, as the regular supporters are called here, about how football is not a product to be sold. (eh?)  So, a match at 15:00 would cause outrage amongst the locals but just be normal for me, but I didn’t know it was taking place.  From what I saw on the TV of the crowd there weren’t many other people there either.  I’m surprised as I’m on the e-mail list of the club and they didn’t contact me to let me know about the change of time and date.  As it happens I doubt it would have made much difference as I slept in on Saturday and might not have got an e-mail in time anyway.  Also I think it was the second  lucky event of the weekend as the result was a 0-0 draw.  The manager on the le Racing site complains about the conditions.  So this weekend I avoided turning up for 45 minutes to not see a match because of fog on Friday night and missed a 0-0 draw on Saturday when I was doing more interesting things.  Life is not too bad.   At the same time Manchester City beat Wigan 1-0 in a ground out victory despite being reduced to ten men.  Life is good.

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