And the Word was good

As an ex-pat I’m frequently asked what I miss about being in the UK.  There aren’t many things I can reply with.  Obviously family is a main thing but in taking the decision to move I knew we’d be going away from them  To show there aren’t many things those that I do come up with are, reading Sunday newspapers on Sunday, going to a pub on early Saturday afternoon and having something to eat and a bottle of wine that’s not too expensive and staying for a while with friends coming and going.  The third is easy access to the Word.  A magazine about music mainly but also other culture things.  I could get it on subscription and I’m strongly thinking of doing so but what I used to like was coming across it without planning to and buying it then finding some marvel in it.  The magazine always has a free CD on the fr0nt with 12 to 15 tracks and I always find something I really like.  The last one I bought had a track from Ida Maria on it and I’ve just bought the CD, here she is with the CD opener:

The other CD on rotation play at the moment is Little Jackie’s ‘The stoop’ which contains the track, ‘The World should revolve around me’, obviously the song was written about me:

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