Steamed up before the Ambassador’s reception

A previous post, that was already self referential,(Does that make this self referentially self referential?) talked about problems discovered once the weather thawedp1010768.  It showed pictures of some steam coming out of a drain opposite the Musee D’Art Moderne et Contemporain.  I speculated on it being the consequence of a leak in a pipe coming from the laundry or similar  of the building on the right which, according to my map of Strasbourg, is the Compagnon Du Devoir.

There I thought it would be left until coming home yesterday when I saw that what had been one bit of steam emerging to the surface had become a large hole in the ground.  p10108381This was just being readied for the workers going home in the evening and some wood had been put over the pipe.  Earlier it had been possible to se that the pipe had had a hole cut in it and that was why steam was issuing forth over the road.  But that wasn’t all though as, on the opposite side of the road, at the side of the museum , there were two further clouds of steam rising from the ground.  On going over to it I found p1010843that one lot of steam was coming from a hole, where the cover had been removed, picture on the left, and a further hole which had been dug and contained men working on the problem, actually closer to the site of the original photo, but in this picture further on.  The picture below makes it look as if the men are working in amongst the steam, but in fact, the pump you can see at the bottom on the right is taking all the steam out.  It is just the way this picture was taken, who says pictures never lie?  So, what was originally a little bit of steam rising from the pavement has become two holes and a third source of steam, where the lid p10108411has been removed from a manhole.  There I thought the story would end but no, there’s more. (Can you take the excitement?)  Today, on my way home I saw a further hole had been opened and there was another source of steam.  You can breath easily because I did not have my camera with me so you will not have to look at a further picture of a hole in the street in Strasbourg emitting steam, with or without men working in it.

The Ambassador’s reception

The reference in the headline is to the advert for Ferrero Rocher chocolates:

The reason for the use of it was this picture I aso took yesterday on my way to take the pictures above.  At present the Parliamentary Assembly of the p1010837Council of Europe are in session.  Lots of the delegations from different countries are going to receptions, sometimes with  members of staf in their own permanent representative, sometimes with that of another country together with the delegation members from that country.  For instance I happen to know that the UK delegation went to a reception with the Dutch last night.  The car parked outside the hair salon has CD plates.  An ambasador or their partner getting ready for that night’s reception?

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