On strike

This year was the first Christmas spent here in Strasbourg.  It was also the first p10108462ever we had bought a real Christmas tree. (Sapin de Noel)  As we should it was removed from the flat on Epiphany (I’ve written about local Epiphany traditions here) but it has sat out on the balcony since whilst I tried to find out what to do with it.  Notice it in the picture on the left, with a tram passing.  I’d not had much luck until Tuesday when JTO found this article in the local paper.  I had been afraid it was a case of strapping the tree to my bike and trying to cycle it to some far off decheterie, the last one I had been to was some distance off.  I checked the website of the Council and found that luckily there actually was one just around the corner.  As a bonus I found that it p1010847took corks.(bouchons en liège)  About a year ago when we received a calendar from the local council I found that they recycled corks to make things like cork boards.  I thought what a good idea it was and we’ve been saving corks since and the number we had has got a bit embarrassing.  So, I was pleased to read that I could take those to the decheterie too.  So, armed with the tree and the corks it was offp1010848 round the corner, down the street and under the motorway, turn left under the railway and there it was on the left.  After a bit of inspection of different receptacles for different items I was pointed to the one for garden waste containing Christmas trees and here on the left is the tree just as it is about to be crushed.  After getting rid of that I looked around again for the p1010851container to deposit the corks.  Again I was pointed to the appropriate place and I was able to get rid of the corks.  It was a bit embarrassing that the number of corks in the bin tripled when I emptied my bags out.  It is such a relief to have got the two bags out of the kitchen and that the corks will be being used for something useful rather than going to landfill.  The bin on the right is the receptacle where they were put and in front of them are the now empty bags.  The decheterie I went to was the one featured in the article linked to in the article above, and here.  It is on Rue de l’Abbe Lemire on the edge of the part of Strasbourg called Koenigshoffen.  It has the A4 – A 35 alongside one edge, a p10108521main railway line along another side and  the rest is surrounded by allotments. (Jardins familiaux)  I have already had my eye on a site on the same side of the motorway as us in the former ramparts of the defences of Strasbourg but the ones around this area look like they might be worth thinking about.  The sites all seem to come with a nice big shed and a water supply.

En greve

Whilst working today we saw the demonstration start out on its way round Strasbourg.  Today was a national general strike and, according to the local paper, there were about 10,000 people on the demonstration.(Manifestation)  Here it is reported on the BBC.  Going on strike has so much become a past-time of the French that it is what the artwork to celebrate the Czech Presidency of the EU featured France on strike:

_45373569_greveafp1I will post up here later a sideshow of the pictures I took of the demonstration whilst around in Strasbourg today.

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