Dead Air

The broadcast term used when something goes wrong and there is silence.  It is always because something has gone wrong – broadcasting is about filling up the airtime.  Here the silence was not because of something going wrong.  Last weekend was filled with preparations for a visit in the week and the annual meeting of the Strasbourg Strollers, the local cricket team.  I saw the film, Revolution Road and would say don’t bother.  On Sunday a cold started and then very busy working Monday and Tuesday before collecting our guests, JTO‘s son and partner, from the airport at Baden on Tuesday evening.  Wednesday was spent visiting villages and the ‘Route du vin‘ in Alsace and seeing something of the Vosges.    Thursday French Class then lunch and a walk around Strasbourg before going back to work.  Friday was work again before lunch and then a tour of Strasbourg by boat before our guests packed, some traditional Alsacian food before they left on the bus back to Baden.  After a long week and still fighting a cold I did not fancy standing in the cold to see le Racing but I was pleased to see they won, especially after going two down in the first half.  Today is for taking it easy, beating the cold, having a look at things in the sales and then a party at a friends house.  The picture is of me in traditional Alsacian dress from the walk around Strasbourg on Thursday.


Dress down Saturday

After an absence for a couple of weeks dds returns with a third Manchester band from the eighties, James.  I had head about the band and knew about the strong support they had from the Smiths, particularly Morrissey and I was given a record featuring their first two ep’s by a friend which got me hooked.  There is nothing available on YouTube from ‘Hymn From a Village’ unfortunately.  One of their biggest songs and a big favourite is Laid.  Unfortunately the video for it here is not the best:

A much better video featuring the wonderful Keeley Hawes is for “She’s a Star”:

Their largest hit, in various guises was ‘Sit Down’ and here is the original video from Rough Trade:

Like many bands from the period, after breaking up, they are now back together and touring again.  Last year saw the release of a new album, ‘Hey Ma’

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