Black Sheep Boy

On inspiration from JTO I keep a notebook and jot down thoughts, inspirations, quotes I like or think might be of use in the future.  I also write down books, dvds and films I might like to add to my Yahoo wish list.  It’s a kind of pre-sift for the wish list.  In my notebook was Tim Hardin.  I do not now remember why I wanted something by him, I’ve forgotten the inspiration for the note.  However, I checked him out on Amazon and found that a couple of tracks of his, an old favourite Scott Walker, had covered, ‘Black Sheep Boy’ and ‘Lady came from Baltimore’.  So a CD of Tim Hardin was added to my monthly book, CD and dvd purchase, Mr Amazon came round on his bike this morning, and it’s what I’m listening to now, and the inspiration for the heading of this post.  ‘Lady came from Baltimore’ has also been something of an earworm this week, as well as, or because of, listening to it so much I’ve had it going round my head too.  One for the melancholia section of the CD collection……

A fairly quite week since the return from Belgrade, working, following the third test and England almost beating the West Indies but not, Manchester City getting a result in Copenhagen that would have been OK when considering it before the game but, because the lead was lost twice – and the last time was in the last few minutes, is left as could have been better.  Then the cap was well and truly put on it last night in the damp cold at la Meinau – despite being 5 C the damp made it worse than times we’ve been there when it was only just above 0 C – when after 1 min 25 seconds le Racing were behind to what their website calls their bête noire, Sedan.  Despite equalising they went in 2-1 down at half-time and lost 3-1.  They had the chances but seemed not to have the luck.  It’s not good when morale in the team seems so poor to have things go so badly wrong for you at home against the team who put you out of the cup.

Dress down Saturday

After missing for a couple of weeks it’s back.  After three times featuring bands from Manchester it’s to the other side of the World I turn now.  There were times in the 1980’s when I was planning to go to Australia but I never made it then.  I did take a close interest in Australian films which were starting to be noticed more, and there were a number of good ones, with seasons of them on TV with films going back to the sixties.  I particularly noticed the work of David Williamson, especially Don’s Party and The Club.  At the time there were also a number of bands coming out of Australia. One of my biggest favourites were the Go-Betweens who I was lucky enough to see supporting Aztec Camera at the Royal Court in Liverpool.(14th October 1984 according to the website and was then more run-down music venue than the theatre it seems to be now.)  After hearing them on the radio the first album of their I got was ‘Before Hollywood’ on which were a number of favourites including, ‘Cattle and Cane’:

The quality is not brilliant but the song, autobiographical for Grant McLennan about his growing up in Queensland, was named one of the top ten Australian songs.  The next album, ‘Spring Hill Fair included, ‘Part Company’:

The lines, ‘What will I miss? Her cruelty, her unfaithfulness, her fun, her love, her kiss,’ had a profound impact upon me highlighting that when things end in a relationship it is OK to admit that, as well as the things which went wrong and caused the end, there were things in the relationship which were good and to be celebrated.  A single from the next album, ‘Liberty Belle and The Black Diamond Express’ and such a jaunty uplifting track is Spring Rain:

The next album had more of a production but here is another uplifting song, ‘Bye, Bye Pride’:

Their last album before breaking up was ’16 Lovers Lane’ and featured the wonderful, ‘Was there anything I Could Do?’:

The band got back together in the late 90’s and recorded a couple more albums before tragically one half of the song writing duo and powers in the band, Grant McLennan died in his sleep in 2006 at 48.  Here is the obituary from Rolling Stone.

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