Too referential for one day

To try and up the intellectual content of this site I will copy a short book review I posted on my Facebook site for “The Second Plane, September 11: Terror and Boredoom” by Martin Amis.  For me a very good read and “An interesting development of his thoughts from the aftermath of 11 September to understanding the nihilist death wish that is islamism and why like the other similar remnants of the 20th century, fascism and soviet communism, it has to consigned to the dustbin of history.”  It is more balanced than it is credited with in a lot of reviews I have seen but to be congratulated for not following the leftist herd of seeking balance between a nihilist death cult like Al-quaeda and the Worlds largest democracy, the USA and as another review on Facebook said, “acts as welcome panacea to self-conscious Guardian editorials and the rabid spittle of the British tabloid press”.  Quoting my own Facebook book review, getting self-referential enough to disappear up my own orifice.

Taking the heat

p1010768In a previous post where I was referential about an already self-referential post I talked about developments in something I noticed when the weather thawed. (If I hesitate a guess at referentially referring to a self-referentially referring post could I be right?  Enough referring Ed.)  Well, wait no longer as there have been further developments, cue fanfare.  On my way past site of the p1020131original hole a couple of days ago I noticed that a plate had been welded over the hole, preventing more steam from coming up from it.  Surely, it cannot be long now before the hole is filled in and cleared up and, apart from the freshly laid tarmac, no-one would ever know that there had been a problem here. (Apart from this electronic record on the cyberweb thingy.)  As you can also see from the sign, that was only recently attached to the fence, p10201321my hunch about the source of the steam, a waste pipe from the laundry of the nearby building, was way off the mark .  It seemingly instead being from a community energy scheme run by Strasbourg energie.  Readers will be pleased to learn that I checked on the progress of the holes on the other side of the road and, as can be seen from this picture, another one has also been welded shut and has p1020133stopped issuing steam whilst the other, which was last pictured featuring men working in it (I’m afraid you will have to forgoe the immediate excitement and click here to see that picture)  is still isuing steam as can be seen above, and in close-up with the hole in the pipe, right.  I’m sure it won’t be too long before this too has a piece welded to it and the excitement of the steam in Strasbourg comes to an end.

Pancake day

To cope with all the excitement of the above it’s off out tonight to celebrate an English tradition, Shrove Tuesday with a couple of friends at a Creperie. (also here for the non-French speaking.)  Although I will be eating pancakes it will not be like the one’s mother used to make but traditional Breton ones stuffed for a main course and then one with ice-cream and chocolate for desert washed down with some traditional Cidre Bretagne, which even has its own museum.

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