From Gardens where we feel secure

An article in today’s Times about the growth in allotments set me thinking.  p1000277Previously when I lived for  a few years in a house with a garden, I had no time to do anything with it, even cutting the grass got to be too much at times and the neighbours were not happy.  In all honesty I’m not much of a one for ‘green fingers’. So when I moved here I did not think at all about any form of gardening, especially as we live in a first floor flat.p1000273 Then last year I bought JTO some window boxes for her birthday as she always had been so much more of a gardener and had grown some veg in our garden when we had one and grown things on our balcony when we had one of those.  Then in the summer last year whilst exploring Strasbourg in the area where I live I found a wonderful place to escape the heatp1000275, the former ramparts of the  city’s defences.  The river running through it and the tree gave a shade and a cool.  I loved also all the allotments, or Jardins Familiauxas they’re called here.(So much better than the allotment with the impression that its something your kindly being allowed to have.)  The sites are also better than I remember the English ones, a bigger size and each one with a shed and water supply and each is fenced off from the other and from people.  I also saw people using them like gardens with chairs and tables, friends joining them for a drink etc.  The entrance to the site I particularly like, Fosse des Remparts, can be seen in the first photograph together with a municipal shed – people do add awnings and other extensions to them if they want.  Well now I have an application in for one and the division of work will be the same as in the article.  The title is from this 1980’s album I enjoyed greatly at the time.

Manchester United ruined my life

On the eve of, probably, our most important European games for some time it was interesting to read this list in the Times of the 50 greatest players for Manchester City.  It shows the highs and lows of the more than fohnmeprghdty years I have been following them with some players part of cup, league and European honour winning teams and others who shone during the dark days of our demise, drop down to and return from what was then the English Third Division.  Progress tonight into the last sixteen of the UEFA Cup will help banish the memories of the taunts from people that City stood for Conference in two years.  The title of this piece comes from this book about the experience of a fellow Manchester City fan.

Every girls dream….

….to be a mermaid, apparently.  There are no few men with fantasies about mermaids, I’m told.  Well, here’s a woman in New Zealand who had both legs amputated who had a nice bunch of people make it possible to be a mermaid.

Downfall of Grammar

I’ve wondered at the imagination of the people who have adapted scenes from the film Downfall to all sorts of uses.  One particular scene seems to have been used a lot with Hitler in his bunker with senior officers, then kicks most out and there is the scene inside and reactions outside.  It even got me to buy the film itself.  Well here’s a version that appealed to the English teacher in me:

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