The working life

Last night I went to see the Wrestler and really enjoyed it.  A slice of trailer park life with people whose past is behind them and are very atomised.  Great performances from both Mickey Rourke and Marisa Tournei and I can see why it was nominated for so many Oscars.  The film really showed what I understand life to be like for ordinary white working-class Americans and I think its like this for some people thanks to things I’ve read in the past on many blogs.  Yeah I know that it is possible to be anything you want on a blog but I think it is the sheer number which has given me the confidence to write this.  It’s not just one.  Also my own only getting to know a working class American.  It started when a young man came to see the MP I worked for asking for help, his mother was in jail in America and could we help free her?  Also he was looking after his brother who had special needs.  So the American Embassy in London, and Social Services in the town, were contacted and information was sought.  Before too long the son returned but this time with his diminutive English mother.  She had been released and returned home.  The story was that she met an American man and married him, then followed him to America with her two sons, one with special needs.  He was a trucker and they had spent time crossing America whilst he worked in his truck.  For some reason he got stopped and they all got taken in.  Despite having visas to enter the US he and she were arrested for smuggling illegal aliens and the two sons were deported back to the UK.  She, remember a diminutive English woman, was put in an American jail.  She said she had told the other inmates she was inside for trafficking women for prostitution so they left her alone.  Then one day she gets contacted by the staff of the Governor of  the jail and told the FBI are on the case and almost immediately she is released and sent back to the UK.  Her husband has talked his way out of custody and, despite not having any papers, over the border to Canada.  She says she is grateful for everything done so far to help release her but can we help get her husband back to the UK.  Well, some letters and some phone calls later and we have the whole family come to visit thank the MP for all the work that has reunited their family.  Before too long I saw the husband working stacking shelves in the local supermarket, it was clear he was going to work at any job necessary to support his family.  they came to see the MP some more to help get proper support for their son with special needs, for help with problems with their landlord etc.  Like you would expect from a typical American he had a lawyer on the case as well.  I respected the way he did not bemoan his lot but got on and worked to support his family and was not afraid to fight to get what they thought they were entitled to.  Like the film there is only one way to end (I know same person different song):

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