Dress Down Saturday

The last day of February and a gorgeous Spring day.  A delight to have the light and warmth of the sun returning after the darkness of the Winter.  The second of the Australian bands from the 80’s, the Triffids, (wiki) from Perth also largely have sunshine running through them.  I first came across them in the Summer of 1986 when I found their second album, ‘Born Sandy Devotional’.  It was in some respects an idyllic Summer having just graduated, not having to get up too early, walking to work in a pub at lunchtime then enjoying the sunshine by the River Thames in the afternoon and then out with friends in the evening.  I fell in love and we shared these and other things, including a strong love of similar music, theatre, books and things happening at the time.  One of my favourite songs off the album was ‘Stolen Property’.  Here is a version of it from the TV programme, the Tube:

The next album Calenture received a big production and push from new label, Island.  Here’s the video for ‘Bury me deep in love’:

There would only be one more album ‘The Black Swan’ before they broke up in 1989.  Unfortuantely the lead singer and main mover, David McComb, died in 1999 from a heart transplant in 1996 that did not fully take and the toll the use of heroin had upon him, according to the coroner.  The track from the first album I heard that had the biggest impact upon me was ‘Wide Open Road’.  At the time it drew pictures in my head of the sunshine, big space, big sky and a long road off into the distance that I would find in Australia.  Well it took nearly ten years before I went and found it and it was on subsequent visits that I spent time driving along roads up or down the coast and experieinced what I had felt listening to this song:

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