The sun shines and out come the cafes

As it was yesterday, I awoke today to a glorious sunny spring morning.  Yesterday I had to go out for some lubrication for the chain on my bike as the p1020171Winter weather had left it rather rusty.  Our local bike shop had closed for the weekend so I headed to the Station as I remembered one around there.  No joy so I headed off to another but they had a sign in the window saying conge (holiday) although it was a bit frustrating to see the bottle of oil I wanted through the window.  I didn’t mind as it was such a wonderful day to be out, why I even had my coat open and, in the sun, even this could be too hot.  It was nice seeing people about and the cafes open and people sitting around talking p1020175over a coffee, an ice-cream based beverage or something else.  The picture above shows the Opera House.  It has sculptures of the nine muses on the portico  and replaced an earlier one which burnt down in 1800.  Apparently it is built ‘peristyle’ and inside “a hall ‘a la’italienne’ with seats of crimson now hosts performances by the Opera du Rhin.”*  You can see the cafe between the last three columns on the right and a table on its own on p1020177the right of the area at the top of the stairs.  The cafe above, Cintra – named after the town where there was a home of the former Portuguese royal family in the hills outside Lisbon – at the other end of the square isn’t in the sun and isn’t as busy.  Next to it is a music shop with instruments in the window which I always look at when passing. p1020180 The next picture above is of some of the cafes on the Place de la Cathedrale which had not been there the day before and are not at their full tourist season extent.  The final picture on the right is of ‘Franchi‘, one of my favourite places in Strasbourg.  It’s an ice-creamery and as well as having the cafe you can see where you can buy all the things mentioned earlier it also sells ice-cream by the cone or tub and with around thirty different flavours to chose from making a decision on what to have is always difficult but something I always seem to manage.  To end, a song from the French band Oldelaf and Mr D. from their LP L’album de la maturité. The video was directed by Stephanie Marguerite and Emilie Tarascou.  Lyrics translated into English for the blog (* Strasbourg city guide)

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