Tram is a-coming

When out on Saturday looking for lubrication for my bike’s chain I said I walked p1020156past the station whilst looking for a bike shop wherein to buy the lubrication.  To the left is a picture of the station showing the original German built building in the middle with the start of the glass façade which was added to the front of the station for the arrival of the TGV in  Strasbourg from Paris in June 2007.  Although the work on the station was actually not completed p1020157until a number of months after the arrival of the the TGV services.  In the foreground above can be seen a tram-track with another between it and the front of the building on the right.  This is the start of a scheme to introduce a new tramline to Strasbourg, line F.  Since the beginning of the month works have been taking place, first to change the traffic system to allow the works p1020159necessary to introduce the new tram-line and now for the works necessary to introduce the new tram-line.  The picture above shows the Boulevard du President Wilson (Every place in France seems to have a Boulevard du President Wilson) which will take the tram on from the station back into the centre of the town and the picture on the left shows the station end of the Ruep1020194 du Faubourg de Saverne where a tram leaving the station will turn right to continue into the centre.  In the middle of the road can be seen the barrier next to the tunnel which takes the road out to the Cronenbourg part of Strasbourg and the Autoroute.  Rue du Faubourg de Saverne was  the main vehicle exit from  the p1020195Grade Ile, in the centre of Strasbourg, where the original coming of tram had led to much pedestrianisation and routes being closed to vehicles.  These works have added further closures.  The above picture shows the Grande Ile end of the Rue du Faubourg de Saverne with my back to the tram-line B & C where F will join it on the way to the centre.  The picture above shows the work on the Pont de Saverne, I do not know if they are going to totally reconstruct the bridge to take the services, trackbed, tramlines and the tram or just rebuild the existing.  The new tramline is expected to open next year.  The station is already linked into the tram system through an underground connection to the first tramline, imaginatively called line A, but this will be the first surface level access.  It is the first part of a grander scheme to link Molsheim via the airport to the station, central Strasbourg then out over the Rhine to Kehl in Germany before linking to the main German high speed Ice-Train lines at Offenburg in a scheme called Tram-Train.  All these sites photographed above are in a ten to fifteen minute walk from where I live.

Update: Today (03.03.09) I received the March edition of the Newsletter Ville et Communauté urbaine de Strasbourg with a link to the updated information on the new tramline.  It says that the bridge is being destroyed and then rebuilt to take the tram.

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