Words to the siren

Every first Wednesday of the monthp1020196 at midday throughout Strasbourg a siren sounds.  It is not only throughout Strasbourg either.  Last month with JTO and visitors we were on the steps of a church in Obernai with family members during a visit to other parts of Alsace when the siren went off last month.  Fortunately we had told them in advance about it and we must have been quite close to the siren when they went off as they were very loud – it would have been a great shock to someone who wasn’t expecting it.

I am not the first to notice this.  Strasbourg Englishman has done so here.  He has also p1020197in response to his own comment has posted the answer to what the siren is and why it goes off in the answer to his own post which asked what it was.  The wiki for the L’alerte aux populations sets out that it is just that, a warning for the population that something has happened.  The first Wednesday of each month isp10201992 a test and further information can be found on the website of the Interior Ministry here. Similar information about the situation in Holland can be found here.  The first picture shows the start of my street looking down it from Rue du Faubourg National.  The second picture is of buildings on the left from where the picture was taken and you can just see the ariel in that picture which can be seen in close up above with the sirens.  I don’t normally hear the sirens when I’m indoors  but this week I was outside and heard them.  Similarly I’m told by JTO that on 17th February the sirens went off, it wasn’t a Wednesday or the begining of the month, and that hundreds of people rung up various bodies asking what the problem was.  Thankfully it was just a mechanical problem as shown on the wiki.

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