You say OTAN I say NATO

You may have read somewhere about the visit of Obama to Europe at the p1020210start of next month, perhaps for the G20 in London?  Well he’s coming to Strasbourg for the NATO summit on 3rd and 4th April.  The summit is being shared between Strasbourg, Kehl and Baden Baden.  It could be said that this is being done to show cross p1020204frontier working between historic former enemies.  Two parts of older Europe working together for peace in all of it.  Or, being cynical, it could be said that they will look at the wonderful Cathedral and Medieval buildings in Strasbourg get their kit off to take the waters in Baden Baden and look at Kehl and be grateful they don’t live p1020205there.(That’s actually unfair on Kehl it seem’s to be a pretty OK European type of place.)  The publicity has just started to let local people know that half the centre of Strasbourg, the European area and some of the banks of the Rhine will be under martial law and that it will be necessary to get a pass to gain access p1020203to them.  The local newspaper has daily items from local businesses bewailing the losses they will suffer as a result of the disruption caused by the summit.  One student who manages a business on the edge of the exclusion zone has decided to shut it for the two days as most people are going away or will not venture near an exclusion zone during the summit.  The poster in the picture at the top has the phone number to contact to find out more about what will happen for locals as a result of the summit.  The picture with the flag shows the opposition are already aware the summit is coming, the picture above that is of the building as seen from my local tram stop.  The last picture above shows a poster on my local bottle bank for a concert at a local venue to support block NATO ’09.  It’s interesting, and neatly brings me back to the title, that the opponents both refer to it as NATO whereas the French name for it is OTAN.  Parenthetically, this has become something of an amusing item with my students where most things in French are the other way round in English, or vice-versa.  So, NATO – OTAN, EU – UE etc, etc.

UPDATE: Strasbourg Englishman has a view on the visit of OTAN.

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