Heaven don’t tear you apart

A busy week and no posts.  On Monday it was my birthday so we took an

I'm just a little boy again when it comes to going on these German ICE trains.

I'm just a little boy again when it comes to going on these German ICE trains.

early train to Heidelberg for a day out.  The weather wasn’t great – cold wind with rainy/sleet seemingly always in your face, I’ll post further about it tomorrow.  The end of February beginning of March were school holidays here and so a number of students were away so my level of work has fallen off.  I’ve spent the time seeking additional work to bring me back up to full time and on Tuesday had an interview with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and have been offered some work with them.  As always seems to be the case when you have to do anything in France the bureaucracy has been endless and I’ve spent most of the week, when not working, carrying out various administrative tasks in order to be able to

We often take photos of JTO copying statuary, here's one I think works, probabkly because of the more human scale.

We often take photos of JTO copying statuary, here's one I think works, probably because of the more human scale.

start work this week.  For example I was working to eight one evening in order to complete a CV in French which was a requirement, it wasn’t a great CV, and the French wasn’t great, but they had a box to tick saying I had given them a CV in French, so they got a CV in French.  Pleasure later in the week a the result for City against Aalborg and largely good results last night for le Racing, with leaders Lens being beaten at home, ahead of their game on Monday.

Today I’ve been watching the excitement of the Paris-Nice race and following Liverpool’s demolition of Manchester United whilst writing this, who says men can’t multi-task?  It is good to be living in a country where cycling is given the respect it should have.  It does make me wonder why French people have a difficulty with cricket, particularly the test form being played over five days, when a cycling race takes much longer, the tactics can be just as subtle, and understanding what’s happening requires attention for quite a long time.  What I’ve also failed to understand is why it has been so difficult to get a British race going.  As well as the cycling fans, people love it when it goes through where they live and turn out to watch it and then there are the wonderful places the race goes through – there are a few places added to my I’d love to go to list from following the coverage of this race.

Dress down Saturday

Another band I came to via John Peel were Psychedelic Furs.  After hearing them playing ‘Into you like a train’ on his show I went out and bought the album it was off, ‘Talk Talk Talk’ although I lost the poster which came with it.  There seems to be no video for that but there is for the original, and better version of ‘Pretty in pink’:

That version is rightly described as darker, more snarling, than the version re-recorded for the eponymous film starring Molly Ringwold.  From their next album in 1982, ‘Forever Now’ here’s ‘Love my Way’:

The next album came out when I was living in Birkenhead and my landlord had said my room could be decorated if I helped.  I had just seen them at the University on the tour to promote the album so I’m now sorry for the local decorator who I helped do the decorating, who had to listen to this on rotation with, er this.  Here’s ‘The Ghost in you’ from the ‘Mirror Moves’ album:

They admit the next album was rushed to capitalise on the success of ‘Pretty in Pink’ following its use in the film and was also more commercial.  I lost interest with that and missed the next couple of albums before they broke up in the early 90’s.  They all did other things before reforming earlier this decade and have been playing live at festivals etc.  To end, appropriately, ‘Heaven’:

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