On the podium

In France Division One matches are mainly played on Saturday evening with three televised on Sunday afternoon and evening.  Division Two matches, like those of le Racing, are usually on Friday evenings unless they are covered live by Eurosport when they are on Monday.  Last night le Racing played at the bottom team of the Division, Nimes.  They won 2-0 and, though no-one would call it convincing – with a dodgy penalty to open the scoring – it is none-the-less three points away from home and as the reports say enough to take Strasbourg into the top three, or as they say here, “le Racing a retrouvé le podium de la ligue 2.  Les hommes de Jean-Marc Furlan ont confirmé leur regain de forme.”  Roll on the next match at home, next Monday also on Eurosport although I hope to be at the ground, against the second place team Angers.  I do like the idea of the top three being a podium, it’s like there is the podium, as in the Olympics, somewhere and the relevant teams go and stand on it between matches.

The weather has been much better, so much so that a person might be mistaken for believing Spring is here.  I’ll leave off saying it definitely is as I understand we might get a cold snap next week, (forecast here) March always seems to have a cold snap towards the end – last year I missed it by being in Cyprus and wonderful sunshine.  Anyway the weather report is by way of including the picture below, the flowers on our balcony planted some days ago but coming into flower yesterday.  Whether Spring is here or not it joyens the heart after the dark cold winter that the light and warmth are back to see :

p1020274The Centre for American Progress has a test to see how progressive you are.(Hat-tip JTO)  The average American score out of 400 is 209.5.  When I did it I got 274, JTO got 214, Tory Reading Borough Councillor Rik Willis got 212 and Tory boy blogger, Iain Dale got 189.

Happy St Patricks Day.  Apparently the leader of the free World is Irish, O’Bama anyone?  Well these guys think so:

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