Watch the box

p1010719People who’ve been reading for a while will remember a post from the beginning of January where someone got into the building where we live and destroyed the letter boxes for all the people living in the building. (picture on the left of the aftermath of the person’s handiwork.)  At the time we were told that it would take three weeks or so to replace the letterboxes.  It wasn’t just a matter for us to replace our own letter boxes individually as it is the responsibility of the firm which manages the building.  It is not an insignificant matter as, if you do not have a letterbox with you p1020281name upon it, you do not get your mail delivered. (on the right the destroyed letterboxes on the pavement outside the flat.)  Initially we took responsibility ourselves and organised and paid for our mail to be collected at the main Post Office.  That was OK for a time but they would only p1020282collect it, as soon as we went and got our mail, they stopped collecting it and if we wanted them to collect it we would have to pay again. (on the left the new letterboxes about to be installed.)  When we heard that the local post office was holding all mail for the building to be collected we then stopped the arrangement with the central post office.  It was better as we could get our mail regularly and didn’t have to pay for it to be held, but still wasn’t ideal. Two weeks ago I was told by a fellow resident that it would be sorted out in a week.  Some time after that the keys for the new boxes were brought round and had to be signed for.  Well, finally, a bit more than three weeks later we finally have our new letterboxes.  I first knew it was happening when I returned home from work to see the remnants of the smashed boxes on the pavement outside, together with a van for the working people.  Taking my bike inside there were two men, with a plethora of tools on the floor, and the new letterboxes on the floor up against the wall.  After a p10202861heartfelt round of thanks to them for the deliverance they had brought from the no-letterbox-hell we had been suffering, they made way to allow me to get my bike through to the courtyard at the rear and, when I came back through they were fixing the new letterboxes to the wall.  And above shows them fixed.  Now all we wait is for the post office to learn they are there and arrange to deliver to them again.  The title of the post comes from a line from the single ‘Top of the Pops’ from the Rezillos, enjoy:

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