Elegant chaos

Good news to start the day from ‘down under’ where the election win by ALP’s Anna Bligh not only sees the return to power of the ALP in the state but also the election of the first woman to any form of government in Australia.  Now I just wait for the news from ‘down under’ tomorrow where the England women’s cricket team are playing the New Zealand team in the final of the World Cup.  Having beaten them once I am hopeful that by the time I wake up tomorrow our captain, Charlotte Edwards, will have her hands on the cup.  No game yesterday for le Racing as they play in the second vs third match on Monday to be televised by Eurosport.  Both teams below Angers & le Racing won to replace them, on the podium, so the outcome of Monday’s match is even more important.  Elsewhere it seems the Prime Minister of Hungary has done tthe decent thing in order for his country to have a chance of recovery and the rulers of New Jersey seem to have come to their senses.

There is evidence of the fracture which runs through Turkey about its history and relations with Armenia.  At a time when Congress is considering again the genocide of Armenians during the First World War and there has been discussion about the promise Obama made to officially recognise the genocide.  To which Turkish leaders had said these would be unhelpful at a time when there is hope if improvement in Turkish/Armenian relations.  So, having schools play a video which reportedly demonises the Armenians and said the genocide was their fault for assisting enemies at the time of war cannot be helpful at this time either, but has been done.  It was the Armenian genocide which encouraged Hitler to commit the same crime against the Jews from the 1930’s onwards, saying, “Who now remembers the Armenians?”

Dress down Saturday

Early on we had three bands from Manchester and more recently there were three from ‘down under’.  Now’s the turn of the city where I lived for almost half of the 1980’s, Liverpool.  A band which will feature large over the next few weeks is the Crucial Three although they hardly existed, didn’t record anything and are believed to have never played live.  Their importance lies in what their members went on to do.  Today’s band, The Teardrop Explodes formed around Julian Cope were one of the bands to come out of the Crucial Three.  Their first hit, Reward was not originally on their first Album, Kilimanjaro, but put on subsequent versions after it was a hit:

The military look was a big look in Liverpool at the time as we’ll see next week. Treason, which was on the album was a follow up hit, also making the top 20.  I bought the next album ‘Wilder’ which yealded this hit:

They broke up before completing the next album and Julian Cope went on to a solo career almost immediately releasing the Album ‘World shut your mouth’, although it would be two more albums before the song with the same title which went on to be a hit.  Here’s ‘World shut your mouth’:

He’s never stopped releasing music and keeps up his own site.

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