On top down under

Sports Report

The Sports report usually comes at the back of newspapers or after the news on the radio or TV, not here.  It is important and comes first.  A second day on the trot with good news from ‘down under’.  England’s women cricketers won the World Cup.  Here are pictures of them doing it.  The team had won the World Cup twice before, but never away from home and not since 1993, so big congratulations to the team, well done, I hope you enjoy your victory and I hope I get to see you win the Twenty-Twenty in the summer.  In a good day for Brits Murray is now through to the final in Indian Wells after beating Roger Federer.  In football the collapse of Manchester United to lose 2-0 against Fulham and end with only nine players on the pitch will have gladdened impartial observers who would like to see the Premier League more of a competition while Chelsea lost the chance to catch up.  Now it’s just the wait for City vs Sunderland this afternoon and le Racing vs Angers tomorrow.

Food column

Last week, as I was walking into our building and up the stairs I smelt some cooking pork.  The smell strongly reminded me of gammon and how long it was since I had eaten gammon.  I mentioned it to JTO and yesterday evening we had the closest to gammon steak we could, the French slice the meat too thin, perhaps we can get them to do it thicker next time – and topped with a fried egg and a sliced pineapple it was wonderful.  So wonderful I just had to take a picture of it:


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