P1000251P1030107Not long after arriving I traveled every day past a building site where building had stopped. According to my map the site was for a new mosque, or mosquee in French. In December I stopped passing the site regularly so did not follow the lack of action closely but every time I went past there was the same lack of action. The picture above is of the site taken in August last year.  I have started passing the site regularly again on my way to work and noticed that nothing had changed.   Until about a week ago when there seemed to be some activity at the site.  Undergrowth was cleared, then the bits for a crane arrived and, as you see from the picture taken yesterday, the crane has been constructed and work is underway on the new mosque for Strasbourg.

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2 Responses to “Inshalla”

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    […] at the concrete shell of the building until May 2009 when construction started again as I wrote here.  In the last year there has been considerable work to the site.  I am still no further forward […]

  2. The Flashing Blade Says:

    […] months ago I posted about the Grand Mosquée de Heyritz had remained unbuilt from the time I arrived in Strasbourg in […]

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