Aching in the places I used to play

Up early to catch the local bus out to the local countryside. Thereafter a twelve kilometre walk through the foothills of the Vosges, having a great time learning about the animals, birds and insects there locally. I had hoped to load up a couple of pictures of the walk but technical problems mean that I’ve not been able to do so. A great day spent in the company of a umber of different people talking about Europe and it’s genesis and place in the World. As well as the English and English with Celt roots we had a Greek, Ugandan, French and Alsacian person amongst our party. It meant that we could have discussions about the local name, it’s English name and the Greek origin of the name. We also talked about the movement of people about Europe and about how the different languages of Europe are a result of the different tribes of Europe. If it was so great why do I ache so much?

We are packing for the trip tomorrow to Belgade then on to Skopje and then on to Pristina. In the meantime I’m having the wonderful experience of Eurovision 2009. I need to take a better quality of drug. Congratulations to the winner.

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