Make the bridge

Back in March I posted about the start of the work on the new tramline p1020195which will provide ground level access to the station.  It necessitated closing a main route out of the main island in the centre of the city and diverting traffic.  I showed the picture to the left with the diggers starting to destroy the existing bridge.  Well they worked hard for some time, the river was blocked and the level of it was increased so that the floats onto which the parts of the bridge were dropped P1030106would not sink under the weight of the bits of bridge.  The bits of the old bridge were taken away in trucks and for about the last month work has been going on to build up the island in the centre of the river and to create strong banks on either side, as can be seen in the photo on the right.  This work has now been completed and starting this week the road on either side of the river has been closed at night as the preformed pieces of P1030346the bridge are brought in and installed.  It’s bridge building the IKEA way with the 70 pieces being manufactured in Mulhouse and brought on the back of trucks and installed overnight to minimise the nuisance caused to anyone.  I imagine people living nearby and opposite don’t agree that nuisance has been minimised but as the whole thing will only take two weeks I guess it’s something they can put up with.  Walking past on the way to work this morning progress had clearly been made from the picture above but I did not have my camera so I’ll take one tomorrow to show the progress and add it as an update to this piece.

*The headline comes from the fact that in France public holidays are taken on the day they occur rather than the nearest Monday as in other places like in the UK.  If a holiday happens to be on a Thursday you ‘faire le pont’ (make the bridge) by having Friday off to get a nice long weekend for the use of one days holiday.(Or if you’re lucky your workplace closes anyway and you get an additional holiday.)

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