The drugs do work

A very bad night on Monday, slept very fitfully because of pains down my left arm.  I had no recall of doing anything to cause the pain.  This was followed by the pain growing whilst working during the day until it got so bad that when I got home I put an ankle support over my elbow providing support to where the worst pain had been during the afternoon, just below the elbow in the muscles.  It didn’t stop it being difficult to bend down to get something from the fridge even if I used my other arm, the bending put strain on the muscle.  A worse night followed, it was not possible to get comfortable at all and I slept fitfully again but, whatever rest my arm had been able to get was beneficial.  In the shower I found the main site of the pain was in the upper arm muscle and I couldn’t use it to do anything below my waist or above my shoulders.  It reminded me of the Tommy Cooper joke;

“Doctor I’m in pain when I try to lift my arm higher than my shoulder.”

“Don’t do it then.”

After work on Wednesday I was able to get a bit of rest before going to see the doctor, we are lucky enough to have them on the ground floor of the building I live in – although at the end of the week they are moving a couple of streets away.  She couldn’t find what could have caused the pain either but gave me some pain killers and something to tackle the inflammation of my upper arm muscle which seems to be the seat of the pain.  Well the pain killers stopped the pain and I slept well last night for the first time this week and the pain in my muscle has diminished to the extent I don’t feel it any more.  I’m sorry the Verve, the drugs do work.

Historical note.  The album featuring the above song together with Bitter Sweet Symphony came out at the beginning of the same week as the Labour Party conference of 1997.  The first one I went to when the party was the Government, the first one I went to working for a Member of Parliament.  What a time to be alive, the hope and joy after eighteen years of opposition.  The party conference that was a celebration of what had been achieved.  Together with a number of people from the Reading party we hired a house for the week and the bedroom I was in had a stereo next to the bed.  I went out and bought the CD first thing on the Monday of conference.  The album, but particularly Bitter Sweet Symphony, always brings back memories of waking to another beautiful blue sun-filled sky, as they all were in 1997, and pressing play and the intro of Bitter Sweet Symphony starting, looking up at the sunlit blue sky feeling happy at the day that to be, at the Labour Party conference in Brighton.  Party conference was never the same after that, especially as the next one was in Blackpool.

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