The return of Dress Down Saturday

It’s been two months since the last DDS, as a reminder it is somewhere for me to post about bands I thought were wonderful from the 1980’s to argue that there was great music being made in the decade, despite the fashions, despite the hair and despite the politics.  Dress Down Saturday?  But people don’t work Saturdays so how could people be allowed to dress more casually then?  Oh yes they do, up to a third of the working population work shifts which include nights and weekends.  As society shifts and things are always open and always available then people have to work at nights and at weekends.  So I celebrate the contribution of our fellow chaps working to provide us leisure.  Doing it with music via a feature called DDS is something I was inspired by the fantastic Harry’s Place, where they often had a Dress Down Friday, which usually featured a YouTube clip of a great song from the 1970’s.  It’s back.

I last posted about two of The Crucial Three, Julian Cope and Ian McCulloch who went onto other things as Teardrop Explodes and Echo and the Bunnymen respectively before solo careers, reforming in the case of the Bunnymen etc.  So, that’s two but to have a The Crucial Three another person is needed, Pete Wylie.  I first heard of him via Wah! Heat with the excellent single ‘Seven Minutes to Midnight’ on the Peel show and the album ‘Nah = Poo! – The Art of Bluff’ which a very good friend bought me as a present.  Wah! hit big with “The Story of the Blues” which got to No. 3 in the charts:

By now I’d moved to Liverpool and the music of Wah! was so much of the place and his next hit in 1984, Come Back, was made single of the year by John Peel:

The third of his great hits of the 80’s was in 1986 and came as Pete Wylie and was Sinful, I just love filming it in the former swimming baths:

and the cartwheeling nuns are good value.  Pete had a serious accident in Liverpool in 1991 and took a while recuperating.  He has continued recording and releasing music and featured in the show to launch Liverpool’s Year as City of Culture, including Heart as big as Liverpool:

Talking of football I’m off to watch the Cup Final.

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