Vote early, vote often

P1030342The Euro-elections are due on Sunday and the local council has been exhorting people to vote for the last few weeks with adverts around the place like the one on the left.  The council also provides temporary space on special boards sited around Strasbourg, upon which parties can put up their official posters, I’ll perhaps have pictures from some of these in the coming few days.  There are also a few sites which are available for pwoplw to fly-post.  They are normally covered with posters for music concerts but for the election period get covered on a regular basis with election posters as well.P1030374 It is quite rare to see a site outside these fly-posted but I saw the poster on the right on my way home from work fly-posted on the side of an empty warehouse in the business district.  It’s in support of the New Anti-Capitalist Party (Nouveau parti anticapitaliste, NPA) formed  from the Revolutionary Communist League (It being France the LCR) and picturing its leader Olivier Besancenot.  I’m not really aware of any other political party being set up and defined by what it is against rather than what it is for.  The left in France seems more vital than that elsewhere in Europe but still seems subject to the usual splits, alliance forming and other activity but, as elsewhere in Europe, seems unlikely to have much impact in terms of getting people elected leaving that dirty work to the Parti Socialiste.  Writing about the splits, regrouping etc of the left reminded me that it was so wonderfully summned up by Monty Python in ‘Life of Brian’ :

Another aspect of the alphabet soup left is that anyone on the left who gets their hands dirty and involved with running things is a traitor and always sells out ‘the people’.  This is combined with impossiblist demands from the alphabet soup group.  The other major political part of the film covers a meeting of the People’s Front for Judea and highlights these two aspects.  It was also used effectively by Tony Blair in speeches to demonstrate what the New Labour Government had achieved:

And finally……

Just like the TV News this post ends with a cute animal story here’s a picture of a swan couple and their ‘ugly ducklings’ on the River Ill this afternoon:


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5 Responses to “Vote early, vote often”

  1. Oranjepan Says:

    Nice report – will you be doing a round-up of the results?

    • theflashingblade Says:

      With family visiting it is probably unlikely that I will get to do so on Sunday but I hope to do a round up of what happened here in the Grand Est and in France as a whole on Monday

  2. Oranjepan Says:

    thats good enough for me!

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