Vote, vote etc.

I had been wondering where the election litereature for Sunday’s elections had gone, but not enough to be onto the town hall complaining about its absence.  Then today on my way to do a little light grocery shopping at the local Co-op I passed the ‘Facteur‘(postman) and was surprised, we are towards the end of his round and our mail is reecived around midday, as it had been today.  There is no second delivery.  Then I spotted his sacks were full of brown envelopes and a-ha I thought a special second delivery for election literature.  Sad follower of politics that I am I looked forward to gettting P1030381home and openning the envelope and on the left are my envelope and its contents.  In the centre and on the left are the leaflets and on the right are the voting lists.  If you want to vote for a party you take their list with you to the polling station to vote, but more about the actual process of voting later.  The main leaflet on the center is from the Parti socialist with the list of their eighteen candidates down the right.  Behind that is the leaflet for les Gauliste which helpfully shows a map of the  Grand Est electoral region which comprises, Alsace, Lorraine, Champagne-Ardenne, Bourgogne and Franche-Comte.  There are also leaflets from Libertas, europe-ecologie, Front National, Nouveau Parti Anticapitalist (of which more here), Mouvement Democrate (Sort of Lib Dems), Alliance Ecologiste Independante, Front De Gauche (comprising the parti communiste francais , gauche unitaire and Parti de Gauche), Europe Democratie Esperanto, Lutte Ouvriere and the UMP of the current President Sarkozy (although they also seem to share their list with Le Nouveau Centre, La Gauche Moderne and Progressistes).  Observations, only the Parti Socialiste have not put their A5 to use for voting list of candidates in the bundle so they must be confident there will be plenty at the polling station.  The official Greens are all, obviously environmentally friendly, lower-case whilst the independent greens are upper-case.  The Front National and UMP did not bother putting their URL on their leaflet so either the right thinks people can find their website anyway, they are not keen on promoting it, or being essentially conservative they have no truck with this modern interwebhighway thingy.  Four more days till we vote.

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