Votez Lionel Jospin

No, he’s not a candidate in the European elections, it’s just something a P1030387number of us said to each other during the 1995 French Presidential elections but we didn’t help him at all as he narrowly lost to Jacques Chirac.  In 2002 we didn’t say it and he was humiliatingly ejected in the first round, beaten for second place andP1030388 therefore the run-off by the far right wing Front National, leaving many on the left to vote for Chirac to keep out the far right.

Above is a picture of the boards put out by the council at election time for the Parties to post up their election posters.  Each party gets a square and can fill it as they like, as you can see from the close-up P1030389above.  The poster boards above are outside a school and the ones to the left are next to a bend in the road just a bit father on.  I don’t know why they’re in these particular sites, there’s another just across the river, because on my journeys around Strasbourg I’ve not seen any others.  Apart from the site pictured in a previousP1030394 post I’ve not seen any fly-posting of election posters, or any bilboards with paid for advertising by political parties.  On the right space provided by the council for posters that is usually covered in posters advertising concerts taken over by the Front Gauche, whose posting seems to have slipped onto the recycling bin next to the poster P1030391site.  The only other evidence of the election, apart from the Council’s posters advertising the election highlighted earlier the only other evidence of there being an election on at all is the shopfront taken for the Parti Socialiste shown in the picture left and in close up below.  I had the wider picture to show the building next to the one with the PS shop in it as it is one of my favourite buildings in Strasbourg.


Which as everyone knows is French for opinion polls.  P1030392The ones from yesterdays DNA show the projected election share in France as:

  • UMP       26%
  • PS    21.5%
  • MODEM   11%
  • Europe Ecologie   11%
  • Front National   8.5%
  • NPA   6.5%
  • Front de gauche 6%

Here in l’Est the share of votes is:

  • UMP                                   24%
  • PS                                        20%
  • Front National                 15%
  • MODEM                            10%
  • Europe Ecologie                9%
  • NPA                                      7%
  • Front de Gauche               6%
  • Libertas                               5%

I have no idea how these reflect the patterns of voting previously but I hope to have more information after voting on Sunday.

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