Throwing my arms around Luxembourg

P1030407The first time I voted in France was in a student election.  I was given the various lists of candidates and an envelope and then told to go behind the curtain into the voting area and vote.  But none of the lists had a box on them.  Where was I to put my cross?  How did I show I wanted particular candidates?  It was only after I put one of P1030406the lists into the envelope, having randomly crossed off some names, of people I knew nothing more about than the others I did not cross off, that I was able to put it in the box and cast my vote.  I later found out that the way you vote in France is by putting the list into the envelope and then putting that in the box.  I don’t know what people scrutinising the vote would have thought when my vote came out with people crossed off.  I hope the people concerned did not see it as they could take it personally when it was a mistake by someone who didn’t know what they were doing.  Anyway.  The photo at the top is of my Carte Electorale which has to be shown to the polling officer to get your envelope and the one below is of the lists of candidate.  One of these is put into the envelope and you then have to sign before your name in the electoral register, the hole in the box is openned and you drop your vote in.

Anyway, enough of elections.  I’m off to Luxembourg to see Morrissey and then I am catching a train at 5 in the morning to play cricket in Burgundy.  I will vote on my return.  To mark the visit to the master and go some way to explain the title of this post here he is:

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