Driving away from home

For two of the four years I lived in Liverpool I lived over the water in the woolyback land of Birkenhead.  The relevance of this will become clear later.  Today’s DDS band, It’s Immaterial, (also here and here and facebook) also hail from Liverpool and their biggest hit, Driving Away From Home talks about the leaving of Liverpool, through rather than as an emigrant, off to the brave new World, it’s in a car down the M62 to Manchester, or off further:

The next track, as a comment I’ve seen before on it, is one of the best songs to play when you’re getting ready, it was also on a shit-hot compilation tape given to me by a previous girlfriend.(Which I lost in a move.)  It was only recently that I realised it was the same group who recorded both tracks, ‘Ed’s Funky Diner’:

Both the previous tracks were on their first album, ‘Life’s Hard and then you Die‘.  Finally a track from their second album, ‘Song‘, about New Brighton, the end of the Liverpool tube line which took me under the Mersey for the two years I lived there and somewhere I only visited late on in the two years over the water from Liverpool:

[hat-tip WAS for pointing me to the new release of the ‘Girls at Our Best‘ (more) Album which led me to find, and order, Song.]

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