I wanna be elected

After a weekend spent seeing the fabulous Morrissey in Luxembourg and then playing cricket in Burgundy before driving back across Strasbourg to vote in the last hour of yesterday’s European election I’m still recovering from the weekend, but will write further on it later.  To finish the posts about the election here I will first post below some pictures from voting yesterday and then give the results from the Alsacian and French juries.

P1030565Candidates posters outside the ‘Bureau de vote’ (above) and the lists for each party and the envelopes to put them in on the table (below):


The polling booths (above) and the Parti Socialist list with my envelope (below).

P1030561P1030562The polling station staff checking my ID to make sure that I am who my polling card says I am. (above) Votez.(below)


P1030563The election results at my polling station seemed to go pretty much as the rest of Strasbourg although the abstentions were a bit higher and the vote for the Greens was noticeably higher than in the rest of the departement.  Across France the 72 MEPs elected by party are shown here whereas in the Est (East) region we elected:

  • PS- Liem Hoang-Ngoc & Catherine Trautmann
  • Green – Sandrine Bélier
  • MODEM – Jean-François Kahn (Who was at the head of their list but stood down in favour of the person second on the list and previously their MEP) Nathalie Griesbeck
  • UMP – Arnaud Danjean, Joseph Daul, Véronique Mathieu & Michèle Striffler
  • FN – Bruno Gollnisch (Est)

With the votes for the various parties here.  The story of the election locally and nationally in France was one of a record abstention, just more than 40% of the people voted.  The second story of the night were the poor performance of the Parti Socialiste (PS) and the excellent performance of the Greens.  Pundits were saying there is some link between the poor performance of the PS and the good performance of the Greens and the abstention.  It was the PS voters who stayed at home.

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