‘I’ve got your number…

…written on the back of my hand,’ by the Jags (and wiki) was their one hit in 1979.  But I’m really writing about the numbers found on plates on the P1030567front and rear of cars.  Historically car number plates in France look like the one on the left.  The last two numbers are the number of the departement so that it is possible to tell from looking at a car where it is from.  The one on the left is from Strasbourg which is the capital of Bas-Rhin (Lower Rhine) departement.  There has beenP1030566 a lot of consternation in France over the Europe-wide move to a standard number plate.  As a result of the change the use of the two number identifier for the departement has to stop and the number plate as on the right is being introduced.  When this was proposed it was the end of civilisation for some people.  As you can see a compromise allows the number of the departement, and now the coat of arms of the departement, to be included.  Civilisation carries on.  I bought the single, “I’ve got your number, written on the back of my hand” when it came out although a move or a party have resulted in me no longer having it.  For a piece about number plates I thought it was appropriate to have a musical reference to the Jags, although as the were a one-hit-wonder definately not two-Jags.  Anyway, here they are on Top of the Pops:

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