The far from lost weekend part I

On Friday we departed Strasbourg in the early afternoon and the sun and travelled by TGV through the Vosges and then the industrial North-East of France before coming to Luxembourg and then Luxembourg city.  P1030417After an early dinner we discovered it was a twenty minute train ride to Belval where the concert was being held.  Belval seemed like a huge office/shopping/flat complex in the process of being built on the site of a former steelworks, as seen in the picture above.  The Rockahl was part of the new buildings.  It was not the largest venue and you can read reviews and see the setlist for Morrisseys fabulous performance here.   The great Luxembourg public transport meant we got P1030422back to the hotel in time for some sleep before I had to get up at 04:30 to get the 05:02 train from Luxembourg to Metz before changing for the train for Nice which was to take me to Dijon.  I had some time to kill and walked into Dijon, spent some time in a cafe and got my phone charged before catching the TGV to Montbard, which was half an P1030436hour away on the main line to Paris.  Again with time to kill before my lift arrived I left the station, pictured left, and walked into Montbard and got something to eat, with the impending physical exercise and having been up for some time I dcided some pasta was in order and ate at the Restaurant Le CalypsoP1030442.  Just as I was finishing my lift called and I met Nick at the station, having bought him a sandwich near the station.  He had spent the previous day GPS cache hunting and walking in the sparsely populated central France.  We went to the Mon Bar (Geddit) where we met the other players in the Strasbourg Strollers Cricket Club team and Francois from our opponents who guided us to the cricket pitch between the TGV line and the River Seine.  We batted first and to help the other team provided them with a couple of P1030446fielders whilst the rest of their team arrived and the umpires.  I was one of the umpires.  You get much better pictures as an umpire, like the one on the left of our first-wicket down pair hitting the first of many boundaries.  A couple of times we went off for rain and the match was reduced from thirty P1030450to twenty-five overs, although as this happened before the second innings there was no need to apply the Duckworth-Lewis.  The picture on the right shows us sheltering from the rain in the ‘pavilion.’  I batted for the last couple of overs and scored a season best* of 2 not out out of a score of 204 for 6.(*It was the first game of the season.)  After tea Montbard batted and they started well.  After six or seven overs I bowled and took two wickets in my four overs, including P1030465removing the opposition captain and major threat.  I then took a catch off the bowling of our captain.  We bowled Montbard out for 94 runs with three overs left.  On the right is a picture  of both teams after the game, together with the large bat which is the emblem of Montbard Cricket Culb. (To be continued…)

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