The far from lost weekend part II

After the match finished the rain started to fall seriously and we piled into P1030466cars and drove the 20 minutes or so to our accommodation for the evening.  It was a farm which had been converted into two houses and managed to put up nine people.  After welcome warm showers we gathered to enjoy a BBQ which, because of the weather, had to be cooked under the grill instead, a few drinks and a pleasant chat involving the Strollers and members of the Montbard team.  P1030478It was our leader’s birthday and he got a birthday cake to celebrate.  People started leaving at 23:00 but I was with a hard core who stayed up to 01:00.  After a cold night and another welcome warm shower we had breakfast before heading off, as seen on the right.  There had been much discussion the night before about whether the motorway P1030487or the scenic route were better for getting home.  It was agreed that the time was pretty much the same for either route so it would be better to go the scenic route.  I was in the two seter sports car on the left of the top photo and a lack of rain meant it wasn’t long before we had the top down.  The above picture was taken from above P1030506the windscreen and it looks like the cloud above is following the road.  Fortunately we managed to stay in front of it before it decided to drop any of the rain it was carrying.  I said in yesterdays post that my lift had spent the previous day Geocaching and the journey back offered me a chance to find out about this pastime.  About midday we came up to P1030495Chaumont and the viaduct shown above.  We turned off and at the bottom of one of the spans was found the box, pictured left, which also had a log-book which the provider of my lift completed.  We looked around the viaduct a bit then drove into the town and found something to eat.  We stopped at the restaurant opposite the P1030543station called L’Affiche.  It was named after the ‘Festival international de l’affiche et du graphisme de Chaumont’ which was taking place at that very time, for the 20th year. After brochette de dinde and a nice tarte almonde we were refueled for the rest of the journey home.  I got a chance to drive and above is a picture of me P1030552taken when the car was being refueled.  We passed through Champagne and then returned to Alsace.  On the way we looked for a cache in a 10th or 11th century (According to which sign you believe) castle and had success at a château.  I got home with just over an hour left to vote which I then did.(The above picture taken on the return to Strasbourg shows how much the Cathedral stands out.  It had been visible almost as soon as we came down from the Vosges.  Almost as tall behind it are the hills/mountains of the Black Forrest.)

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