Monsters of Love

On the way between lunch today chez Jacques (see below, the pork was just wonderful today.) and the record store where I P1030595had espied the Jacques Brel 30th anniversary of his death tin box 3 DVD set, ‘Comme Quand on Etait Beau‘ (7 hours 15 minutes of fantastic Jacques Brel filmic entertainment.)  I just happened upon this store front/side redesign taking P1030588place.(see below)  The ten days up to tomorrow has been the parcours du design in Strasbourg organised by one of my employers, CCI (Chambre de Commerce et d’Industie) which has seen design type events happening all over Strasbourg.

For today’s DDS I’ll feature another band that were on the legendary tape made for me by a then girlfriend.  The reason for featuring Momus, apart from being very good, is that he/they released an ep of Jacques Brel songs titled ‘Nicky’ and here he is singing Don’t go away, which as everyone knows is ‘Ne me quitte pas‘:

I got my next taste of Momus on a compilation LP for the record label el, 1986 which featured the same song, ‘Paper wraps rock’ which was the first time I had known of a reference to the game in popular culture.  I next came across them was when I bought the single of ‘Murderers the hope of women’:

I next bought the ‘Don’t stop the night’ album from which there isn’t a video available but the next album I bought was ‘Monsters of Love’ a compilation of their singles 1985-90 which included ‘The Hairstyle of the Devil which was almost a hit for him:

He now writes a blog to be found on his site.  To end, or as an ‘and finally,’ here’s something for the weekend for the Lay-deees:


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One Response to “Monsters of Love”

  1. jane Says:

    I think it’s the cadet force. Not very hunky this lot.

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