Straight to Hull

 Again a lack of activity.  This time the fault being a holiday in Iceland where I didn’t have much access to ‘teh internetz’ and then a brief stay with family where, similarly, it has been difficult to post.

I’m now working in the UK on a short term contract and hope to have better acces to the intercyberweb thingy over the coming weeks so hopefull I’ll get back to regular posting.  The adaptation of the Clash song should give a clue as to where I’m working:

Acres of newsprint, miles of film and lots of other media have covered the death of Michael Jackson.  I first got into the music of the Jackson 5 via Graham Parker and the Rumour, not having experienced it really first time round.  He did a cover of the following song which then led me back to the original:

I can’t say that I was ever a big fan.  I thought some of the music was OK, especially to dance to.  I now understand more about its importance in marrying RnB with pop and rock and bringing ‘black’ music mainstream in America.  Obviously there are the issues around what happened with him in his childhood, the media and what he himself did in later years.  Anyway, here’s the great Graham Parker and the Rumour from Top of the Pops in 1975 with their version of the Trammps, ‘Hold Back the Night’:

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