Pining for the pork……

…a line from a song on the Echo and the Bunnymen album Pocupine.  Used because Pork is something done very well in Alsace and I would normally have something of the Pork persuasion on a weekly basis at home and have only had it once in the month since I left.

It’s also a word play on the swine flu.  I woke on Friday with a sore throat which felt like I had been gargling razor-blades.  During the day I felt progressively worse so it was with relief I was able to get out after work and get some ‘Max Strength’ Lem-Sip.  So the weekend has been spent taking things easy and letting my body fight the infection.  I did ache a bit yesterday but I think it’s just a cold caught from one of the many nationals on our site.  My inactivity has also partly beec caused by St Swithin.  After it rained on his day, 15th July, we’ve been getting very wet with rain on a regular basis most days.  The students do not like it at all.  Do they not realise that summers are so much better than they were in the 70’s?

What lazing around the site has allowed me to do is keep up with the cricket and what a wonderful match this has been with things going one way and then the other.  My jury is still out on whether not enforcing the follow-on was the right idea.  I’m also following the Tour de France, something I have been progressively more interested in and frustrated that the last two years – despite living in France the rest of the time – I’ve been out of the country for it.  What a year for the British riders?  With Mark Cavendish in hot contention for the Green jersey until the bizarre decision yesterday but still with a chance of winning the most stages by a Brit if he wins the last race, and Bradley Wiggins in third position tonight and in with a good shout of the yellow jersey.  Here for no other reason than it was on the radio whilst writing this is Dave Edmunds, with Nick Lowe and Elvis Costello, doing the sublime ‘Girls Talk’:

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