An apology and a gloat.

I normally say to people whinging about a decision taken by our sporting representatives that they should shut up and get behind our team.  Over the last two posts I cast doubt upon the wisdon of not enforcing the follow-on against Australia.  I hold up my hands.  I was wrong.  The England captain was right and I should not have doubted him.  Sack-cloth and ashes have been worn all day.

Apology having been made I will now feast in the enjoyment of the England victory against Australia at Lords.  There’s nothing better than a victory over the old enemy.  Going 1-0 up in the Ashes series, and doing so at Lords.  As the advert says, priceless.  Now lets get back at them.

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2 Responses to “An apology and a gloat.”

  1. FrancescaV Says:

    O.T.: Hi, I’m Italian and I moved to Strasbourg with my husband, and I found your blog when I reserched blogs from Strasbourg. Only for say hello 🙂

  2. theflashingblade Says:

    Hello back. I’ve looked at yours and the food looks just wonderful.

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