I’m Back

Six weeks later and, to quote the great Em, I’m back.  Teaching Italian youngsters English for 40 hours a week left little time for doing anything more than eating, sleeping, preparing and teaching.  At the weekends It was nice to get hammered on Friday, sleep on Saturday and get totally away from the site, either in Hull or to the coast at places like Bridlington,(also here or here) or on a wonderful day walk from Kilnsea to Spurn Head. (The walk took only a couple of hours but the two bus journeys, one from Hull to Withernsea and then on to Kilnsea took more than a couple of hours each way – it need not have done because I didn’t realise the two buses connected in a little village, but then it did allow me to see the two castles at the site of where the pier used to be and the mass line-dancing, both of which I might feature pictures of here in due course.)

After finishing in Hull and returning, via the journey from hell, I had the joy of a visit from my brother and my sister-in-law where we took them around Strasbourg and Alsace and then a few days holiday in Chisinau, which all readers will know, is the capital of Moldova, which was great and well worth revisiting.  That leaves five capital cities in European countries to be visited before the end of next year.  On the way back I had two wonderful days in Riga before another overnight journey home.

With me on these travels I took a Sony Book Reader which was this years gadget present to myself from the money I earned working.  It was great having lots to read with me but it was all stored on the reader so I didn’t rip my shoulder off.  One I’m still reading is Strasbourg in Transition available free on the archive.org site.  It’s been very interesting to learn about the history of the city from the time it was an independent city like the rest of the decapole and allied to the Holy Roman Empire, through the changes when it was taken over by the France of King Louis XIV in 1681 and then to the changes to and in Strasbourg that resulted from the Revolution in 1789.  It’s a very interesting and readable book and what’s better, free.  Later were off to the Foire Europeenne but for now here’s the Em song mentioned earlier:

And here, gratuitously and for no reason whatsoever, is the fabulous one for ‘We Made You’:

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  1. Jonny Morris Says:

    Welcome back

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