European fair

As stated on Saturday’s post late in the afternoon we left for the Foire Europeenne.  We were lucky that the local PS MP had obtained some tickets for party members so we were able to get in for free, nothing like junketing eh?  Never having been before I was unsure what to expectP1040388 but as the picture on the left shows even for later on, on Saturday, there were lots of people getting on and off the tram.  Through the entrance into the site of the large display area at Wacken which I had last been to when encouraging French people to play cricket with the local team earlier this Summer.  Gone were the stP1040393umps and paraphernalia for other sports advertised that day replaced with exhibition halls full of beds and other household goods.  Another pavilion featured goods from artisan producers in Alsace then another featuring kitchens, bathrooms and other interior requirements like chimneys, P1040398stable half-doors etc.  Outside, between the exhibition halls there were examples of boy toys like those above and in the spaces between were walkways where you might come across out of work actors trying to be interesting, including the almost necessary people P1040402on stilts, like that above.  All the walking around had made us hungry so we went to the very Alsacian restaurant, the three little pigs.  Though not sentimental about matters as the menu was all pork and whilst JTO had a trotter I had some spare ribs P1040412and watched a pig being put into the over for later.  The food was very good and so well cooked it fell off the bone.  Then we toured the food halls and it was good for first my wallet, then my weight, that we had eaten first as any pull to buy things could be resisted all the better.  Above is a picture of the P1040417smelliest stall we passed with Italian cheese.  There were lots of stalls offering tasting of wine from all over France and others with food and drink from mainly France, but also elsewhere in Europe.  What was good was that there was also a mini farm display which showed that the food didn’t come from a plastic tray wrapped in plastic but from animals.  The picture above shows two children with not very old chicks.P1040424 Lebanon was being highlighted and the sweet but also exotic smell going into their exhibition made me want to leave for the country immediately and question whether it had been so wise to eat earlier.  A nice afternoon out but I had wondered whether next year to enter via the food area and, if I did, whether I would get much further.

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