Come on England

Despite living in France I remain an Englishman and will be heartily cheering for Fabio and the boys in their match tonight.  The only problem is I don’t know where.  There are plenty of Irish pubs in Strasbourg but the ones I’ve tried before have Irish managers so will be watching the (Northern) Irish game and then any other game before they show the English match.  French terrestrial TV shows the French match and no highlights of anything else.  We have only had our satellite for a short period so expecting it to work already is beyond hopeful.  The best bet at the moment seems to be trying to watch it via the BBC text facility and then see the highlights on German TV after their match has finished.  Or I might just watch the French match to hear the yelps of the commentators – after the failure to beat Romania at home last weekend there was anguished soul searching about whether ‘les bleus’ will even qualify for South Africa – before watching the highlights of the England match.

There is the same problem about where I will watch Hope Powell’s side in the final of the Women’s 2009 European Championship the following day where we are up against our supposed old enemy, and my friend, the Germans.  The schedules are not too promising at the moment but I hope some German channel will broadcast it otherwise I will be trying to follow it too on the BBC.

Finally, congratulations to Ghana and Brazil who qualified on Saturday for the final in South Africa and, I was going to comment on this being the ninth day of the ninth month of the ninth year but someone has already beaten me to it.(Add it to the list so it wasn’t Bird Flu, the Millennium bug etc which killed us all off….)

UPDATE: So, it’s congratulations to the England team and what a comprehensive way to qualify for South Africa.  Well done to Fabio and all the team.  I had to follow the match via the BBC website and then saw the goals in highlights on German TV who the next day broadcast the Euro 2009 final live.

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