As I said in my last post on Sunday I went to Germany with the P1040601Strasbourg Strollers Cricket team to play what is pretty much a local derby against the Freiburg Nomads.  It was a gorgeous start to what became a gorgeous day as we drove the hour down to Southern Germany.  As you can see we played on a rolled out pitch place on an astro-turf pitch.  Bowling was from one end as a six at the other risked P1040619losing the ball in the boating lake.  It also had such a short boundary that it was worth only two runs for hitting the fence.  Frieburg batted first and made 222 for 4 in their 30 overs.  We batted second and were all out for less.  I bowled six overs and took half the Freiburg wickets to fall although I also gave away almost a quarter of the runs.  I consoled P1040625myself with the thought that it might have been a different story if the three catches put down off my bowling had been held.  Throughout the day we had quite a crowd watching as we played, though I wonder how many of them knew what they were watching.

PS 1 Oct 2009

The Parti Socialiste is voting tonight on who will be the head of the list for the regional elections in March and the line in our branch was very clearly put as being for M Bigot.  At the same time there is a referendum taking place on whether the same person should be able to be elected to all sorts of positions at the same time, over action for parity between men and women, and to introduce open primaries for the election of the presidential candidate in a couple of years.  I voted on my way home from work this evening.  Usually meetings and votes have been in the back room of a local restaurant.  When I went to vote tonight the restaurant was not open so voting was ‘al fresco’.  Here’s a picture of the Branch Secretary, substitute for our Depute, Councillor and Assistant to the Mayor, Eric, with the ballot box:


UPDATE: The free newspaper 20 minutes reports this morning, “Sauf surprise, Jacques Bigot represntera le PS” and that 70% of the PS had voted for primaries and against cumulative mandates.

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