Le Racing match report

Continuing the catch-up, on Monday night I left work after 20:00 and P1040633walked to the Stade de la Meinau.  Passing the southernmost tram stop for the stadium I saw the notice on the left calling for a “boycott” of the match to highlight the concern of the fans about the danger the club were in.  Since failing to get promoted the club sacked the manager, appointed another and then sacked him when the pre-season had been rubbish and they were dumped out of the cup by some minnow outfit and lost the first two games of the season.  Before the game against the leaders le Racing were bottom of ligue 2 and the match was P1040634being played on a Monday night as it was being televised on Eurosport.  So, the ultra fans thought a message could be sent about the direction of the club and people could still see the game.  The picture (right) is of about 30 people who were protesting outside the ground.  P1040636Unfortunately, by then JTO and I had already bought our tickets so we went in to the match.  The ‘kop’ where the Strasbourg supporters gather was pretty much empty as can be seen from the picture above.  For the match, well the first half was fairly dire and ended 0-0.  Strasbourg played like a team devoid of confidence.  P1040641Whatever hope there was from them going in level at half-time was quickly shaken when I read that it had been 0-0 at half-time in their last match which was lost 3-0.  However, a change of personnel and the substitute, Emil Gargarov, put Strasbourg were 1-0 up in seven minutes.  Caen equalised and then Strasbourg took the lead again before Caen equalised in the last ten minutes.  At the end Strasbourg were going all out for the win, not the behaviour of the team bottom of the league against the one at the top.  An omen of hope for the rest of the season?  We’ll see.  The last picture is of the Strasbourg keeper and captain.  I’ve posted before about his nervous habit of pulling his shorts up as play approaches his goal but never captured it properly before.  Well, now I have.

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