Pay it forward II – The American Case

This is the second part of a two part piece.  If you want to read them in order then please start with the previous post, titled Pay it forward I – the kind German Police.  I’m sorry that posting the two parts of the story in a chronological order means that the second part appears higher on this blog than the first part, but that’s the way it is.

For some time I have been registered with expat blog, initially with the aim of finding out about other bloggers in the local area, although I soon found out I was the only person registered in Strasbourg.  There are other bloggers I’ve found like Strasbourg Englishman and people have joined who have moved to Strasbourg since like Fab food in Italian.  Through expat blog I had been contacted by a semi-retired English teacher from Ireland seeking information on the teaching market here but until recently nothing else.  Until I returned from dans le Nord.  Waiting for me was a message from a New Yorker who had been working in Germany and France and had lost a piece of luggage which was waiting at the lost property office in Strasbourg Station.(See picture)  My P1040674correspondent was seeking an English speaking person to collect the case, transfer the contents to a box and then post it back to them.  Following the unbelievable good fortune of JTO‘s wallet being found and a kind German police officer sending it back to us I thought it was only right to do what I could to help so I replied positively.  A fax was sent to the lost property office saying that I would P1040583be collecting the case, I received a copy and before I knew it the case was back at my flat.(See picture right)  I then transferred the contents of the case to a box and didn’t find any quantities of drugs or other contraband, which JTO had thought I might be being duped into being an assistant in smuggling.  Because of a strike by the French P1040673post office it then took a few days more to get hold of a few costings for sending the case to New York.  It was worth the wait as the best price turned out to be that from ‘La Poste’ the French post office.  Once the price of sending the parcel was discovered I was sent the money to pay for the parcel via Western Union.  I took the parcel to the same office I collected the money and here it is last week heading off to New York.(I was told off for taking a picture of the parcel in the post office)  All that remained was to get rid of the suitcase as I have sufficient good cases and this was a bit broken.  It was put out for the binmen, I was even surprised that it fitted in the bin so I hoped taking it would not be problem.  Of course it was.  Next morning the one item left behind was the case.  Even worse, I left at the same time as the miserable bearded git from upstairs (and I’d like to say I have nothing against miserable people, people with beards or most of the people who live above me, this one I do and there is more than another post to be written on him) P1040676who of course found the case and asked me if it was mine.  He then proceeded to tell me that the binmen wouldn’t take it (No!) and that there was a rubbish tip around the corner I could take it to.(double no, see here)  I was on my way to work at the time so I wasn’t able to deal with it then but on my return, as you see form the photo above, the case was taken to the rubbish tip.(I was told off for taking the above picture by the nice helpful man at the tip who helped me find the right place to put it.  What is the problem?  Post office scales, crushers in the rubbish tip all not to be photographed, what’s that all about?)

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