Pourquoi moi?

I think someone has it in for me and getting any better at the French language.  Last Thursday I was due to go to my French class.  However, I had to work afterwards and had been given the use of the firm’s car so that I could leave my French class in time to get to work.  It was the first time I had driven to the Eurodistrict in Strasbourg.  I had thought that taking the route through the town would be OK and it would take much less than the half an hour I would set aside for the journey, parking and getting to the lesson.  Between home and the car park where I left it overnight I decided to take the Autoroute, as that’s bound to be quicker isn’t it? Ha.  I took a wrong turning and ended up on the route to Germany.  I got off that and was stuck going in the wrong direction in Neudorf.  I got out of that and managed to head in the right direction and found myself lost in Robertsau.  What is a twenty minute cycle ride took me around an hour and twenty minutes before I found somewhere to park, an hour and a half before I got to the building where the classes are held.  With it now two thirds of the way through I decided to have a coffee and leave early for work.  It was just as well I did as when I got to the place I was going to work there was a lot of photocopying and form filling etc which took up the extra time I had from leaving early from my lesson.  It’s OK I thought I have a lesson organised on Monday.

19102009026This morning I left for that lesson to get a message at the tram stop saying that the lines A & E which go south of Strasbourg have a ‘technical fault’ and are replaced by a bus service.(‘Technical fault’ means a tram has broken down and is blocking the route, see above.)  Line A is , of course, is the route I need to take.  On arrival at the transfer to line A I see one leaving the tram stop.  It takes more than ten minutes before another comes but, at the transfer to the bus I get some luck and I’m the last one on to the bus.  Twenty five minutes late for the lesson.  Fortunately it went ahead and I get the full lesson which is good as I now understand the Imparfait and Passe Compose better.

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