It never rains

The building I live in is a block of flats about six floors high built at the turn of the last century, during the time Strasbourg was in Germany.  It is managed by a committee of the residents who employ a company to do the day to day administration of the building.  As owners of our flat since July we are supposed to be involved in the running of the building but to date have not been told about any meetings.  Earlier this month P1040672scaffolding was delivered and erected in the courtyard and last week we had to remove everything from the area as the walls were jet-cleaned.  Now we have men doing the treatments and remedial work ahead of the painting work.  Apparently all this was agreed in March and I just hope that the delay, during a long dry Summer, does not result in problems being caused for the painters when the rain, which we have not had for so long, does finally fall.  At the same time it was agreed to rewire the phone cables for all the flats.  I believe it is necessary as, when we moved in and France Telecom came to connect us up, the workman sucked through his teeth before saying about how poor the wiring was for the telephones in the block and this was two years ago.  We had arranged an appointment and were one of the first to have the new cables installed in the flat but were told that someone would have to come back and connect us up properly.  On Tuesday afternoon the phone stopped working also resulting in no internet access.  The next day a notice appeared with a number to call if you have not had your phone line reconnected.  So we called and called and on Friday morning the man appeared in a huff telling us we needed to make an appointment to get the phone reconnected.  That’s what we’d done with him, until it stopped working no-one had said anything about a further appointment being necessary.  He got us reconnected on Friday.  I work from home by phone sometimes so it was necessary to make arrangements to do it in the office during the week and on Friday it was in the middle of an hour and a half long work call on my mobile that the land-line was being fixed – which made for entertaining conversations with work and with the man fixing the telephone line.  Anyway it’s working again so I can do  my 7:30 am calls from home next week rather than having to go to the office (meaning not having to leave bed so early – very welcome) and I have access to the internet again.  After something of a fallow period blogging I was inspired  to write a couple of times last week when I didn’t have the access.  Typical really.

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