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When my parents returned home from visiting me there was a letter waiting for me at their house from the Times.  I remembered having entered a competition which required a UK address and had given theirs, but that was far too long ago for any news of the competition to be being sent now.  Anyway I asked for the item to be forwarded and I received it this week.  It was my invitation to preserve and grow my wealth.  I was being invited to a morning seminar on ‘Investment Growth and Inheritance Tax Saving’ followed by lunch at either the Cotswold Water Park or the Complete Angler.  The accompanying letter says the seminar “will be of most interest and benefit to you if you have assets, including your property, of £750,000 or more and also have savings and investment capital valued at over £50,000.”  Despite JTO and I now having joined the property owning democracy having bought our flat, when given the ‘choice’ because our landlord (I believe was short of cash) had decided to sell the flat, there is no way I come close to the requirements for the lunch to be of interest or benefit to me.  So, I shall have to forgo the free aubergine moussaka or fish cakes at Cotswold Water Park or  braised beef bourguignon or penne pasta with roasted vegetables at the Complete Angler.  Here’s the inspiration for the title of this post:

I have been reading about the recordings of Scot Walker this weekend and have been listening to a lot of music like that above in a similar vein but more recent is this video and song I just love:

I’d like to thank One Heck of a Guy (the webs one stop shop for everything from Leonard ‘Laughing Lenny’ Cohen’) for a piece which brought to my attention the video of the same group doing a version of Leonard Cohen’s much undervalued ‘Memories’ from the ‘Death of a Ladies Man’ album:

One Heck of a Guy argues the case more persuasively than I could for this track to better be appreciated here.  Especially when people throw off the cliché that Leonard Cohen is music for the suicidal and depressive you come to appreciate the man and his art even more.  In fact I would go so far as to say that it is my view that the generally held view of Leonard Cohen is a massive barrier to understanding and coming to love his work.  But then I would, as someone ruined* since I first heard him in 1982 and first saw him in 1988.  Here’s the Man playing the song in Copenhagen in 1985 which was brought to our attention in response to the post from One Heck of a Guy about the Last Shadow Puppets which lead me to the video above.  A far from dour Mr Cohen is featured therein:

*ruined in much the same way Leonard Cohen tells of finding a book of poetry by Lorca in a bookstore and himself being ruined.

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