This weekend more than 9,000 members of France’s third religion descended upon Strasbourg for Protestants en fête (FIGARO and MATIN).  With events all over P1040713the city and a massive service in the venue, usually home to rock concerts, le Zénith, as well as events at my local protestant church , pictured left.  Strasbourg is the correct place for this event as whilst protestantism does not have much of a following in France, at around 4%, in Strasbourg it is around 17%.  Before becoming part of France in P10407121681 Strasbourg was Lutheran and even its famous cathedral saw Lutheran worship before reverting to the Catholic faith once part of France.  The event also partly celebrated the 500th anniversary of the birth of Calvin, who spent some years in Strasbourg.  On the right is one of the manifestations around Strasbourg and, although I passed it a number of times during the three days of the fete I didn’t see anyone preaching or doing anything else on the spot.  I found it interesting that the fete was held the same weekend as All Saints Day, which is a much bigger deal for the Roman Catholic church.  The title for the post comes from the album from Bob Dylan after he was ‘saved’, found g-d, at the end of the seventies.

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