A golden Autmnal Alsace

I took some pictures more than a fortnight ago to feature in a post which were meant to show the glory of the Autumn in Alsace.  Unfortunately there was only one problem.  The leaves had n0t yet started turning 03112009041yellow or red or any of the other colours they go to any noticeable extent, probably why the post never materialised, that or it was to be written whilst we were without phone and therefore internet access, I forget.  Then last Thursday on one of my work jaunts outside the city I had a wonderful view of golden trees against a white-out of fog but was late for my appointment so did not get to take any pictures 03112009043of it.  Then today walking from one job to my next I happened upon this scene above.  Required yellow leaves on the floor, some trees leafless, it must be an Autumn scene?  Yes, but not of the kind that have been relayed to me by people I’ve been talking to this week; who went walking at the weekend, in the Vosges or nearby.  Instead Council 03112009044workmen, as caught in the act in the second picture, pollarding the trees is the reason for trees being leafless and the leaves on the ground at this point contain a lot more green leaves as well as twigs and branches.  The last picture shows the debris being cleared up in front of the Hotel de Ville on Place Broglie.  There are more pictures of Autumnal scenes in Strasbourg for you tomorrow but for people feeling cheated that the headline woefully undersells the content of this post here is a picture of golden trees in front of the European Parliament on my way to work at 7:20 this morning.


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